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Master of Science

2 specialisations to learn how to lead with impact










National Master's Degree certified by the French state / Fully in English / 1 or 2 year program



IMT-BS is a business school tailored for innovative managers. We offer two MSc programs fully in English:


  • MSc International Management to become a professionnal able to manage international projects and multicultural teams
  • MSc Management of innovation in the Digital Economy for students who want to master every step of innovation (data analysis, market research, business plan and offer design)


Why you should join our Master of Science program:


Gain in-demand knowledge and soft skills

Build a more competitive profile in the job market thanks to our dual manager-engineer culture 

Graduate with a State-certified degree from a French Tech-oriented business school


Quelques chiffres sur nous


Depuis 1979

Une seule école ingénieur - manager créée par le Ministère de l'Économie, il y a 40 ans.

+ 22 000 diplômés

Fort de son réseau d'Alumni composé d'ingénieurs et de managers.

Classé n°1 en France

Si l'on compare le coût de la scolarité et le salaire à la sortie (d'après le Financial Times 2019).